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Use a contest to increase betting action


It is no secret to anyone that competition in the world of betting is hard. There are many betting sites trying to find, convince and retain the same players. For this reason, it is that the bookies have to develop strategies that make them stand out from the rest and allow them to differentiate their betting site to get more customers and more profits.

One of the best ways to stand out and attract the attention of the players is through contests. Offering additional prizes for performing an action within the betting site can boost the number of bets received as players feel they have a double chance to win.
The bookies that want to use the contests to increase the number of bets on their website, have to consider the following:

Offer good prizes
The contests can offer all kinds of prizes such as video game consoles, television screens, gift cards or credit for bets. The important thing is that the prize is attractive and motivates the players to make a bet.

The action required to win
Keep in mind that the contest is an extra motivator for players to place a bet, for this reason, the action required to participate in the contest should be simple. In general, the contests are linked to making a bet. In other words, anyone who makes a bet on a specific sport or a period of time participates in the contest. The minimum bet to participate in the contest must be low for example $ 10 because if the minimum bet is very high, the contest loses its meaning and the expected results will not be obtained.

Be consistent.

When offering contests to your players you must find a good balance, do not spoil them and create the bad habit that you will always give something in order to motivate them to place a bet, but do not offer a contest only once a year. Remember that contest can be a resource to be used in periods of low betting action or to promote bets in sports that are not so attractive.

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