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Use data to uplift your bookie business.


Currently, almost all bookies have the same tools, services, and platforms in their businesses, thanks to Pay Per Head's suppliers, who have come to standardize the industry and set the bar on how betting services are provided. This standardization, on the one hand, makes life easier for bookies since Pay Per Head companies deliver a complete package of services with everything necessary to manage and maintain a betting business, but on the other hand it also means that bookies should strive more at the moment of creating value for their clients and establishing differentiating factors to stand out from the competitors.

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is by making good use of the reporting tool provided by the Pay Per Head company, as though this the bookies can get to know their clients in depth and obtain detailed information about them. This information can help bookies deliver a better service to their bettors.

Some of the uses that the bookies can give to the data that they extract from the report tool are:

Customize the betting experience
By means of the report tool, the bookies can know the tastes and preferences of their clients, what teams they bet on, what time of day they place bets, how often, among other data. Bookies can use this information to personalize the betting experience of their clients, sending them emails with the betting options that interest them, offering special bonuses for games and teams that they like, and other strategies tailored to the taste of the bettor.

Define the design and personality of the site.
The report tool gives the bookies the possibility of having a detailed reading of the behavior of all their customers, with this information the bookies can detect patterns, for example, they can realize that 85% of their customers only bet on football games NFL and NCAA. With this information, bookies can take the decision to design the betting site to be more attractive for this type of gamblers and focus only on the niche market of football bettors. The remaining 15% of bettors can be moved to another more general betting site. This is thanks to the fact that Pay Per Head's suppliers also offer bookies the possibility of creating several betting sites with different designs and branding so that they can have an exclusive site for each type of bettor.

At present, the management of information and the deep knowledge of the consumer are the factors that determine the success of the business. Bookies that want to be competitive and have a constantly growing betting business must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with all the tools to measure and get to know their clients.

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