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Voice technology in the world of betting.


The ease of use, convenience, and the number of services available in voice assistants such as Alexa has made consumers adopt this technology at an incredible pace, it is estimated that 91 million Americans use this type of service per month. This technology is drastically changing the consumption habits of people who are using this technology to organize their personal agendas, purchase food and even make reservations for events. The question then is what implications does the voice technology have for the betting industry?

For many years the betting industry has been characterized by its rapid adoption of emerging technologies, and voice recognition is no exception. Some of the big companies in the betting industry have already started experimenting with this technology and have launched apps that allow bettors to place bets on football matches and horse races using only the voice. The process is quite simple, the player listens to the available betting options, tells the device which one he is interested in, confirms his betting details and finally authorizes it. Players who have used these apps have been very pleased during the tests as they feel more secure when placing their bets as it reduces the risk of making a wrong click or pressing the wrong button when confirming the bet.

Another area in which voice recognition technology has been strongly impacted is advertising, where nowadays brands are preparing and implementing voice marketing strategies. Bookies need to jump on this trend and create voice marketing strategies so that when users made a search about gambling on their voice assistants the results delivered are related to the bookies betting site.

To be able to face these technological changes bookies must have a good provider of Pay Per Head as these companies are concerned that their bookies have the best and newest technologies to serve their bettors and be always at the forefront. It is only a matter of time for sportsbooks and voice-enabled casinos to be the most sought after by gamblers, bookies have to get ahead and be prepared for when that happens.

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