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We live in an era of micro-moments - how bookies can enter this game.


To understand what micro-moments are, we must first understand the behavior of people with their smartphones. According to various studies, people check their phone 150 times a day and 87% of people say they have their phone always by their side all day, spending an average of 177 minutes a day using it, finally a large 91% of people use their phone to get recommendations or ideas while doing another task.

The micro-moments are points of contact that arise during the journey of a consumer to make a decision. Given the statistics we showed above the use and dependence of smartphones, most of these micro-moments nowadays are given by means of smartphones. For example, let's analyze John's case. John is making his way from home to work by train while checking his social media feed in which he finds some news from a sports network which reports an injury of the star player of his favorite team's next rival. This increase John interest to make a bet in favor of his favorite team since the chances of winning now are greater. Immediately John will search his phone for a bookie with which to place his bet. Micro-moments like the example of John are given every day every second. It is for this reason that the bookies must be prepared to anticipate and take advantage of these micro-moments.

Some recommendations to enter the game of micro-moments are:

Be always present

The bookies should strive to have a constant and uniform presence throughout the internet. That is, they must have several channels through which customers can contact them at any time. In addition, they should strive to have websites optimized for any mobile device so that customers have a flawless and entertaining experience when they enter the betting site from any device.

Be a catalyst for micro-moments

As we saw in the example of John, reading sports news was the catalyst for this to react and wanted to place a bet. The bookies should try to be catalysts of micro-moments like this, generating feeds with relevant sports content for their audiences and that have banners and ads from their betting site, so that immediately after consuming the content users can go to place their bets.

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