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What can bookies learn from the mobile gaming industry?


Smartphones have been one of the elements that have had the greatest impact on people's lives, affecting the way they work, how they relate to others and even how they entertain themselves. It is this last category that has grown the most in recent years mainly thanks to mobile games. The mobile gaming industry is estimated to reach $ 100 billion by 2021 and is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.
Being an industry based on entertainment there is much that bookies can learn from mobile games that can be applied to the betting business.
Here are 2 practices of the mobile gaming industry that bookies can apply to their betting businesses:
In-app purchase
Many online games have a store within the app that allows players to acquire objects, lives and other types of items that help them keep playing. The transactions within these stores are made in most cases with a coin of the game, which must be purchased with real money. Players become almost unaware of the amount of real money they are spending since they only see the amount of money in terms of the game currency. This illusion makes players spend large amounts of money without thinking. In addition, the virtual stores of these games are so well integrated with the means of payment that players never have to leave the game to make their purchases, they only have to link their credit cards or virtual wallets to the game one time and that's it. Bookies can implement this system for their casino games and poker rooms, where players can acquire chips to continue playing without having to leave the app or the poker room to fund their accounts.
Value announcements
It is very common to find mobile games in which the user has the voluntary option of watching a video advertisement in exchange for life or extra points. This type of mechanism makes users pay more attention to the ads as they will receive something in exchange to see it. Bookies can incorporate this system into their mobile betting apps, where the user is occasionally asked if they are willing to see an ad in exchange for a bonus or a free spin in any of the casino games.
The bookies have to remember the betting business is an entertainment business, therefore they must create strategies to retain and keep their customers entertained.


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