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What clients demand from a betting site.


If we visit several betting sites we will find that in most cases the sites are very similar to each other, even in some if we remove the name of the site we could not tell the difference. This is because many bookies play safe and try to offer a standard betting site with the essential elements that every player seeks, this is partly good because we must offer a betting site that is up to the expectations of the players, but this does not mean that the betting site has no personality and can not have unique characteristics that make it stand out from the competition.

To help bookies create a betting site with the right elements, we present the list of what customers are looking for in a betting site:

Mobile First

What most bettors want is that the betting site can be viewed and used on any mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet without problems. Bettors want to be able to check their accounts or make last-minute bets while making the daily commute, during their lunchtime or while having a beer after the office.

Easy to use

Bettors do not want to break their heads deciphering how a betting site works, in the same way, that with 2 clicks they can order a ride with Uber, they want to be able to fund their accounts and place their bets with 2 clicks or less. Bookies have to make sure that their betting site is easy to use with clear menus and with information that is easy to find and well presented.

Multiple betting options

Finally, the heart of any betting site is its odds and betting lines, for this reason, the bookies should try to present multiple betting options for different leagues and sports around the world. In addition, these must be complemented with casino games and poker rooms so that bettors have a wide range of options to entertain themselves at the betting site, having several betting options also means that the money comes from different sources for the bookie.

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