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What’s Inside a Pay Per Head Provider?


Many people tend to underestimate the real value of a Pay Per Head provider, and they think that they can achieve the same quality and quantity of services, tools, and technology on their own. This is a big mistake because the business model and the inner structure of a Pay Per Head company is built around the idea of providing bookies with a state of the art system to handled their wager business at all cost.
If bookie tries to recreate the same structure of a Pay Per Head on their own, this would cost millions of dollars, a lot of time and it is most likely that the main betting business and the bettors may be left behind, as the Bookie will spend a lot of time integrating many different actors.
To better understand why is almost impossible for a bookie to recreate the services of a Pay Per Head company, let’s see what’s inside a Pay Per Head Provider.
Most Pay Per Head companies have 3 main services departments:

Customer Services

The customer services offered by reputable pay per head companies, it consists of a staff of clerks that are betting experts, they know how to deal with bettors. Also, this staff is multilingual and knows about a large number of sports and leagues around the world. Meaning they can deal with any type of player from any country. However, the customer services department is not just that. Pay Per Head provider also gives bookies a Toll-free phone number with full redundancy technology, ensuring that players will always have a way to contact them to wager.

Technology Services
This department takes care of the development and maintenance of the betting management software, the hosting servers, all web services including the design and implementation of each bookie betting site. In addition to technical support 24 hours to ensure that no matter what happens the betting site will always work

Gambling Services
The gambling services include a staff of oddsmaker experts that create all the betting options that bookies can feature on their betting site. This staff creates odds that are thought to be attractive to bettors but also profitable for the bookie.
As you can see there are too many things happening within a pay per head and they are so well orchestrated so that the bookie only has to focus on acquiring players.

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