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Why Call Centers Still Matter in 2018?


Nowadays it seems crazy to invest thousands of dollars in the setup of a traditional call center, with all the digital tools like chatbots, WhatsApp, email, instant message and many other forms of communication. On top of that people don’t longer make traditional phone calls much less if it is to request assistance or ask for information. If you were born before 1994, you have probably gone through the experience of calling a call center and being hours next to the phone to be attended. And if you were born after 94 you probably never made a traditional call in your life.

With this scenario, it is where the question: Is still relevant and necessary a call center in 2018? appears.

In the case of the gambling industry, the answer is yes it is relevant and necessary. For the betting business call centers are one of the most important elements, in fact, there is a big chance that a bookie can´t grow their business without a call center. 

Despite the number of digital tools that are available in the betting world, there are lots of players that still values and want to have human interaction when they place their bets. When players call the contact center of a betting site they demand quality customer services, with fast response times, they want to talk with a person that has deep knowledge of sports gambling and that is patient enough to take care of all their needs. That’s the reason why bookies need a top class call center to provide a superior customer experience. 

Call centers still matter for the gambling industry, because it’s the most crucial touch point that the business has. Since call centers are based on human interaction, this is the easiest way to make a customer feel valued. A research from McKinsey states that 70% of purchasing experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated.
Bookies should not neglect their call center, and if they want to provide a first class service, they need the help of a reliable pay per head provider.

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