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Why Direct Contact With Clients Is Important for Your Bookie Business


You may think that running a betting site won't involve a direct interaction with your players, since everything is done online, there is no need for you to deal with the players, especially if you have partnered with a good pay per head provider.
Reliable pay per head providers will give you a fully staffed call center to deal with your players inquires, 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week. No matter if it's 3:00 am, you can count that if a player wants to place a bet at that time, a highly trained multilingual clerk will be able to answer and provide your player with all he needs.
Also, the pay per head company will give you access to a complete team of web designers that will build and maintain your betting site with all the latest features, such as casino games, live betting odds, and lines, and also players will have a dashboard so they can check balances and bet history.
Even when the pay per head company will take care of most of the customer service processes and the annoying tasks of being a bookie, there are two main jobs you have to perform yourself in order to have a successful betting business, and they require lots of direct communication and interaction with players, those are:
Acquire Players
You need to be selling your betting site to potential players all the time. At the beginning most of this process will take place in real life, since your first players will probably be co-workers, neighbors, and friends of friends. 
Collect & Pay
Have in mind that the Pay Per Head Company doesn't take any financial information from players, that's why you have to take care of the money by yourself. Since this is a very sensitive issue, it's a good idea that you deal directly with the players.
Remember that is twice as likely to convert prospects into players with an in-person meeting, since players like to have a close trust relationship with their bookie.
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