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Why Pay Per Head Betting Sites has the Best Business Models?


Being a bookie has been a profitable business for a long time, but ever since the pay per head providers appeared in the gambling industry, the bookie business has become more lucrative and easy.

To understand why, lets first take a look at how a regular business model works. There is a source of income mostly related to the sale of a product or service and there are expenses that are necessary to operate the business and deliver the product or service to the customer.

The problem with this model is that often the expenses related to the business operation are very high, for example, staff, office rent, software licenses, equipment, and so on. And when you do the math to know your net profit (income-expenses) the amount of money left sometimes is very low and is not representative for all the hard work it takes to produce that amount of money.

However, in the gambling industry, the dynamic is different thanks to Pay Per Head providers, being that these companies charge bookies small monthly fees for the following services:

Customer Service Staff
Bookies don’t need to hire and supervise customer service clerks. The Pay Per Head Company takes care of this and provides the bookie and his bettors a complete staff of well trained betting experts that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Betting Management Software
State of the art software is available for bookies trough pay per head providers, from this software, bookies can manage all their business, like selecting and publishing lines and odds on their betting site, get detail reports of their player’s bets, setting betting limits, and many more options.

Betting Site Design
The pay per head providers also help bookies to design and maintain a good looking betting site that meets the demands of the most demanding users and is fully integrated with the betting management software.

Thanks to the Pay Per Head providers, bookies have a very low operational cost, leaving them with a higher net profit.

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