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Why The Look Of Your Betting Site Matters


Many bookies focus only on the lines they feature on their betting site and ignore the importance of the design of their site. The truth is that the look of your site can have a direct impact on your profit, imagine the following scenario: one of your best players is bored at work and wants to place a bet for tonight's game, he accesses your betting site, but the site is what we call “not safe for work,” with large images of sports and hot girls all over the place, this kind of site can draw unwanted attention from annoying co-workers or even worse an angry boss. This scenario happens every day and in the best case the player waits to get home to place the bet, but he can move to another betting site that offers him a more discrete betting experience.
If you don't want to lose players due to a bad betting site design, follow these recommendations:
Know Your Players
The best way to build a great betting site is by knowing the needs and behaviors of your players, for example, if you get lots of bets during office hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) there is a big chance that your players are betting from their work, in that case, they need a neutral and simple betting site that doesn't draw any attention and that looks like any other site they may use for work purposes. 
If you face the opposite case and you get lots of wager action during evenings and nights, then you should go for a site that is more attractive and stimulating, since at these hours players are looking for entertainment and ways to relax.
Take Advantage of the Pay Per Head Design Team
Reliable pay per head providers often offer several ways to customize the look and feel of your betting site, some give you access to a gallery of templates from where you can choose and top of the line per head providers have a complete staff of engineers and web designers that can help you build a complete betting site from scratch.
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