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Why bookies should consider the age and annual income of their players.


As bookies, we are always trying to better understand our clients in order to be able to provide better services and of course in order to make them bet more each time.
Recently, the Siena College Research Institute conducted a survey on different topics related to online gambling to New York residents. Although the sample that was surveyed between February 4 and 7 is quite small, the data can be extrapolated to discover interesting insights that bookies can apply in their betting businesses and that will allow them to attract more customers and improve their profit.
The 2 most interesting data that we find in the results of this survey are:
Between 35 to 54 years the gold range for bets
This age range is the one that is most interested in sports betting, they are aware that the state will soon approve a law so that they can bet inside it and they are quite eager to be able to place bets.
If they make $ 100,000 or more they are potential gamblers.
The survey also found that people who have an income of $ 100,000 or more a year are more likely to gamble and can be more easily convinced to make the first bet if the bookie proves to be a serious and responsible company.
Bookies can use this data to better direct their marketing campaigns and better target their audiences. Thanks to the powerful segmentation tools that social media advertising systems such as Facebook provide, bookies can carry out campaigns aimed at executives from 35 to 54 years old with incomes over $ 100,000, in this way they can ensure that they are taking their message to an audience that for what the data show is very interested in entering the action of sports betting online.
If the bookies have a good Pay Per Head partner it will be easier to attack this market, since as the results indicate these potential bettors feel more comfortable with a bookie that manages to demonstrate a good reputation. That is to say that the bookie pays his punters on time, possesses robust security systems that guarantee the bettor that his data are not at risk and that he provides his bettors with several payment systems.
The more we know the punters the easier it will be for bookies to attract them to their betting site.
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