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Why bookies should not fear the falls in betting revenue from some States?


As we have reported extensively in this blog, the US betting market is growing and expanding at an impressive rate. But in recent weeks we have seen reports of how in some states that already have legal bets in their territories there has been a drop in revenue.

Pennsylvania is one of the states that for the month of April reported a fall of 23.5% in revenue compared to the month of March. For many, this can be interpreted as a bad sign and can scare some bookies who are thinking of entering one of these markets. The reality is that this fall in the revenue of a state is not at all a bad signal and on the contrary, it can be a situation that benefits the bookies that have a good partner of Pay Per Head, then we explain why.

Demand is outstripping supply

In several of the states where it is already legal to make sports bets the laws have not been fully implemented or still have details to fine-tune with the operators, this has caused that some states do not have online sportsbooks or mobile betting platforms yet available for the bettors. In this situation, the gamblers feel frustrated and most likely they are looking for the products and betting platforms they want in other types of operators. It is for this reason that the fall in the revenues of state-licensed operators does not mean a fall in the betting activity of that state. This is a situation that bookies that have a good partner of Pay Per Head can take advantage of since bettors are looking somewhere else for better betting platforms, the bookies can become the suppliers of those platforms and offer these bettors the full range of betting options that they have in their betting business.

This is just the beginning of the expansion of the US betting market, there is still a long way to go and adjustments to be made during that journey. While all this is happening, the Pay Per Head bookies are the ones that have the tools and betting platforms to take advantage of the particular situation of each state and gain ground and customers in this growing market. 

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