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Why customer service matters?


Globalization has changed the way people perceive and consumes products and services, big companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and UPS, to name a few, are now setting the standard of how customer service should be. The problem is that many business owners don’t realize this and they still believe that is more important to find new clients over retain the current ones. For example, in the US, $500 billion a year is spent on marketing to get new customers, while just $ 9 billion a year is spent on customer service.

This lack of investment in customer service produces loses of over $62 billion each year, which means that customer service matters now more than ever. The customers won’t hesitate to look for other services providers or switch to other brands if they get poor customer service.  

This also applies to the gambling industry, since bettors demand a high-quality customer service that is able to meet all their needs.  Especially when it comes to pro-bettors since they are highly empowered customers that know how the gambling industry works and that they represent an important part of the betting site cash flow, so they won’t settle for less than a VIP treatment.

Great customer service can be a powerful weapon to out-servicing your competitors and it can become a great competitive advantage, so if you want to delight your bettors with an outstanding customer service, here are some recommendations:

Know your Players
What great customer service means, can be different from person to person, that’s the reason why you need to know what your players value the most. Ask you bettors what they want and make a list of the top answers and look how you can incorporate their answers to improve your customer service strategy.

Pay Per Head Solution
The easiest way to have a superb customer service for your betting site is by partner with a reliable pay per head provider. It's highly recommended that you test first-hand the per head customer service since not all companies offer the same quality. Try with different providers until you find one that meets your expectations in terms of customer services.

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