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You don’t need lots of money or higher education to be a bookie.


The business world can be ruthless and a little exclusive, for example in large cooperations those who ascend to the top positions are those who have fancy titles from prestigious universities or have contacts that help them climb. And in the case of entrepreneurs, although we heard many stories of entrepreneurs who started from scratch and with a few dollars, for each of these there are 10 that have been successful thanks to the large money capitals to which they have access.

Based on this we would think that to be successful in the business world we need a great education or a large amount of money. The reality is that this does not apply to the betting industry, as this industry is one of the most open and simple to enter where almost anyone regardless of their academic background or bank accounts can become a successful bookie.

A one-stop solution

Unlike most industries where entrepreneurs need different suppliers to provide all the inputs, they need to establish and operate their business. The bookies can go to a one-stop shop that is Pay Per Head companies, these companies are responsible for giving the bookie absolutely everything they need to start up and successfully operate a betting business. Pay Per Head providers facilitates the work of the bookies from day 1, so the bookie will not have to deal with a long list of suppliers and procedures to start the business, in fact, thanks to the Pay Per Head providers bookies can start taking bets on their own betting site in 24 hours.

Low operating costs

To operate a betting business you do not need large sums of money. The companies of Pay Per Head make the operating costs of bookies extremely low since these companies provide all the infrastructure such as employees, servers, designers, oddsmakers, and others at a cost of around $ 8 per month per active player.

With the help of a good Pay Per Head provider, anyone can be a successful bookie with a profitable betting business.

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