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Your Pay Per Head Partner is a Reflection of Yourself


Your Pay Per Head Partner is a Reflection of Yourself 

 There is an old Chinese proverb that says: An army of a thousand is easy to find but how difficult to find a general. Take a minute to analyze the proverb, for example, in the gambling industry you can find thousands of Pay Per Head providers with lots of the same features and promises of great services with cutting-edge technology. 

 In the vast ocean of pay per head providers you have to look for the one that shares the same vision and values as you, because the pay per head provider you choose has to be a reflection of yourself, remember that more than a services provider, they are your business partner and with their help you can grow and expand your bookie business. 

 A good way to start choosing a pay per head partner that match your business vision is by making the following questions: 

 What kind of customer services I want for my clients?? 

 What is the value purpose I want to be known for? Maybe I want to be the best bookie for a specific type of sport or market. Or maybe I want to be the bookie with most paying options. 

 How much time I'm going to dedicate to the bookie business? 

 There are some many more questions you can ask yourself in order to gain an insight awareness of who you are and what you want in terms of a partner. Once you have the answers then is easiest to go out and look for a pay per head provider that has the type of services or features you want for your bookie business. 

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While you perform your auto diagnostic, is a good idea to use the free trial periods of the pay per head providers, that way you can do a checklist and priorization of the features and services that are a must for you and others you can preside. 


Finally, you have to assume your role as the general of this army, it doesn't matter that the staff is provide by the pay per head company, you are the boss and you have to guide the business. 



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