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The baby boomers are on YouTube, take advantage of this to attract them to your betting site.


For several years the baby boomers, that is to say those people who were born between the mid 40s and the mid 60s, have been one of the most difficult targets to attract to the world of online gambling, since these people grew up in times when the Telephone and face-to-face interactions were the way to make any kind of transaction. Keeping a call center available 24 hours a day with a staff capable of responding to any request has been the most effective way to serve these clients.
But it seems that things are changing and baby boomers are making greater use of technology to entertain themselves. According to a Google study, 68% of Baby boomers say they watch YouTube videos to entertain themselves. This can be a great opportunity for bookies to promote their betting sites and attract more boomers since we must remember that people 50 and older represent 51% of consumer spending.
For bookies that want to take advantage of this trend, we present the following recommendations:
Teach them
Baby boomers want to feel independent and capable, for this reason, they are consuming YouTube videos that teach them new things or how to use a product. Boomers no longer want to depend on their children and grandchildren to teach them how the modern world works, they are part of the modern world. Bookies can take advantage of this by creating video tutorials on how to use their betting site, its services, how an account is created and funded, how the money earned is collected, among other topics that help guide and motivate boomers to create an account in your betting site. Remember to include the betting business phone number in all the videos.

Provide news
The fact that they are retired does not imply that boomers have a lot of free time, in fact, must of them said they don't have enough time during the day. The vast majority do not like to stay up late. If a baseball game extends late into the night, boomers prefer to look up the highlights the next day on YouTube. If the bookies work overtime and produce video highlights of the previous night games and upload them to be consumed in the early hours of the morning, they will have a great opportunity to promote their betting site to the boomers.
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