Becoming a bookie Make money while in college

Becoming a Bookie: Make Money while in college

College is a fun and exciting time in a young adult’s life. It allows one to learn a lot and prepare for a real career. Because the time spent in class is much less than in high school, students have more time to do research and participate in extracurricular activities. Continue reading to learn how becoming a bookie can help you to make money.

Money is the one thing that can make a college experience exciting and productive. Even if your parents pay for college, it can be difficult for them to give you more money for other things. Depending on how many classes you have, it might also prove difficult to find a part-time job that will help you earn some extra cash. It is difficult to make a substantial income even if you find the time to work part-time.

Becoming a Bookie

There are many other options that college students can use to make extra money. One such opportunity is being a successful betting agent and taking action in sports because your college classmates are the ideal target market. Consider this: A university student living on campus is surrounded by thousands of males aged 18 to 23. You can also attend many student-athlete sporting events at an NCAA Division I university.

You can also live and breathe in a fraternity with young men who enjoy sports as entertainment. This is how you can use the resources available to you and start your own bookie business by becoming a college bookie agent and taking part in various sporting events.

How can you take action on sports when there are so many betting options and sports to bet on? It seems like this would take too much time and money. The answer is simple. There are many pay-per-head websites like ABCperHead that provide turnkey sports betting solutions for all your needs. ABCperHead offers a website and mobile PPH platform with thousands of betting options every day. They also have a team updating the odds each second, just like in Vegas. ABCPerHead also provides instant grades for sporting events. All information is updated and calculated for both the player and the bookie.

PPH Solutions for College Students

ABCPerHead takes care of all the hard work. After each loss, all you have to do is acquire new players and then collect them from you. This sounds amazing, but it must be expensive. This is not true. ABCperHead, a pay-per-head provider, offers this service for as low as $10 per player per week. That’s roughly the price of a Starbucks coffee and sandwich. You will only get $490 if a player loses $500.

How the Bookie gets paid in Betting?

Making money in college is easy. The more people you have to bet with, the more money you will make. This could be a great way for college students to make extra money while also enjoying the sporting events they already enjoy watching.

ABCPerHead gives its agents the best value, so what are you waiting for? Switch to ABCPerHead now.

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