Bookie Tips NFL Week 1 (Part 2)

Bookie Tips NFL Week 1 (Part 2)

Follow this article for analysis, odds, and all the information pay-per-head agents need to make an effective and profitable start to this NFL season. Here are more Bookie Tips NFL Week 1.

Stay tuned for the information bookies and agents should know about each NFL Week 1 matchup.

More Bookie Tips NFL Week 1

Baltimore Ravens -7 at New York Jets

The Ravens travel to New York to battle the Jets in what is expected to be a much more thrilling game than most people think. Baltimore isn’t the only team to take things to the next level when it comes to road games.

In addition, the Jets’ defense should be adequate in 2022.

Think about it: 20 percent of NFL handicappers favor the Jets to be their cover team due to the fact that Zach Wilson, J-E-T-S’s QB1 might not be able to put on pads. NYC remains home, therefore betting program agents must set the limits for maximums.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Commanders -2.5

The Jaguars provide odds on overlays both against the spread and to be successful in winning this SU. Since this is played at FedEx Field, many believe that DC can win. However, the Commandos’ defense is without Chase Young.

Therefore, the Jags may have the best defense in this game. Furthermore, certain NFL betting experts will bet on Jacksonville QB Trevor Lawrence as the better signal-caller over Washington QB Carson Wentz.

Take note that the Jaguars offer odds on overlays in both the direction of spreads and also to beat this SU. Sports betting agents are aware of the procedure. Set the maximum limits.

Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers -2

The Browns have to play the initial 11 games without their starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson. While Watson remains at the back, Cleveland will start with Jacoby Brissett.

Brissett is a solid backup quarterback. Carolina exchanged her for the former Cleveland quarterback, Baker Mayfield. If Baker would like to get the most out of this season, he has to perform at a high level. There’s a chance Baker will show his former employers that they were wrong in giving up on Baker.

Think about the price per head, bookies need to limit the number of Panthers to pay. The majority of the top professional football handicappers are betting on Carolina.

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Indianapolis Colds -7 at Houston Texans

The Colts signed Matt Ryan to play quarterback. Ryan is an upgrade from Carson Wentz.

But, Matty Ice is 37 years old. It’s a good thing, because it seems like he’s going to be able to dominate Houston’s defense. We’ll to be able to tell until the Colts and Texans take on each other.

Take a look at this: Consider: Colts ought to take on the Texans However, this line is odd due to reasons. Yes 61% are back Indy to protect. Yes, Houston might have the most unprofessional team within the NFL. It’s not the case. Texans’ ML is outrageous, but. Therefore, set maximum betting limits absolutely.

New York Giants at Tennessee Titans -5.5

So far, the Giants are ‘loving’ Brian Daboll. New head coach Brian Daboll has brought the same dynamism his team displayed with the Buffalo Bills to the Giants.

However, Daboll and the G-Men may clash on September 11.The Titans have a roster that is better. Additionally, Tennessee had a quiet training camp, which suggests it was a great training camp.

Think about: The action against the Titans must continue, as three of the Giants offensive linemen are listed as doubtful. Also, the starting wide receiver, Kadarius Toney, tight-end starter Daniel Bellinger, and three of New York’s starting players on their first seven. Bookie website agents must use their layoff accounts if they need to.

Green Bay Packers -1.5 AT Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay is a -1.5 favorite. At present, the majority of NFL handicappers favor the Packers. It could change if some players recognize that the Vikings are a formidable offense.

Also, this happens in Minnesota, as well. Aaron Rodgers isn’t sure who his main target is this season after Davante Adams left to join his team, the Vegas Raiders.

Consider this: The Packers-Vikings game should be one of the most exciting games in NFL Week 1. Make use of the layoff account if you need to.

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