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Bookmaking and Sports Betting Explained

The English revolutionized sports betting in 1780 by offering odds on horse racing, a sport still bet on today. It wasn’t until the 19th century in America that betting became a popular form of entertainment. It was then relegated back to the back rooms and smoky dive bars.

It’s now legal in the United States. There are many places that offer sports betting and casino betting in the United States. You can also enjoy a beer, a hamburger, or watch an NBA game while you wait. Betting is no longer a tool for the mafia and hustlers.

You must be fluent in the language and vocabulary of this world if you wish to become a bookie. It is important to appear professional and not amateurish.

What is the Point Spread?

Matchups can be very different between athletes and teams. They are almost always not. The odds of either team winning the match are higher than the odds of losing it.

The point spread is here to help. The point spread is a way to balance the odds between two teams. It assigns a number to the favorite that they must beat, or the underdog will lose. This allows bookies to offer bets on games that do not have a clear advantage for players.

How to Define a Point Spread

Philadelphia Eagles (-7)
Jacksonville Jaguars (+7)

The Eagles are the superior team and will give up points to the Jaguars.

A minus sign is placed next to the number of points differential for the underdog.

The Eagles must win the game by at least seven points. They must also win by more than seven points to cover the spread. If the Jaguars lose by seven points or more, you will win the bet. The “PUSH” is when the Eagles win by seven points or more. All players get their money back.

Spreads make every game possible from a betting perspective.

What is the Moneyline?

 In North America, the moneyline is the easiest bet to understand. This wager requires that the winning team win straight up. Because money is attached to each team, it’s known as a moneyline. This is basically how much money you could win. This is a straight-up bet:

Philadelphia Eagles (-450)
New York Giants (+290)

If you wager $450 on the Eagles, you could win $100 or $550 in total.

You can win $290 if you place $100 on the Giants. That’s $390 in total. While you’ll make more money betting on the Giants than the Eagles, the odds of them defeating a superior team such as the Eagles are slim.

What is a total?

Total betting simply refers to the total score of both teams during a match. You can also bet on whether a team will score more or less than the total score.

Take, for example:

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
OVER: 42

If the Eagles win 35-14, then their total score is 49. Therefore, the winner is the OVER.

If the Eagles win 17-14, then the total score for the game is 31. It’s been UNDER the total. This is a simple wager, but can cause some tension at the end of a game.

Your players will need to predict whether the game they are betting on will be high- or low-scoring.

What is prop betting?

Prop betting is a new way to bet and does not depend on the outcome of a game, the total score, or the winning team.
Prop bets, on the other hand, are an “action” in the game. You can wager on players scoring more or less points, or on how many touchdowns Tom Brady will throw.

There will be hundreds to thousands of prop bets every day, adding a fantasy element for your players’ enjoyment.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting allows you to place bets on a game as it occurs. All bets had to be placed before the game began. The score and momentum will change, so you can keep your bets in place while you watch.

You can also place totals, spreads, and moneyline bets. It’s possible to bet on the outcome of an NFL drive, on how many points a player scores in a quarter, and on whether there will be a turnover.

You can think of it as a bet in sports.

What is bookmaking?

 A bookmaker, or “bookie,” creates or offers betting odds for a sporting event. A handicapper is also known as a bookmaker or bookie. They determine the odds and spread for each player or team, thus “handicapping” the favorite to ensure that the action is balanced.

The bookmaker is responsible for ensuring that every sporting event is balanced. Because the only thing a bookie wants is the 10% commission to offer the bet. The better the wagers, the more money you have on each side.

Bookies don’t have to be bettors, but they do want to run a business that offers entertainment. Balanced action is the key to successful bookmaking. You can guarantee steady profits by having balanced odds.

A pay-per-head bookie does not have to make their own lines. Instead, the software provides odds to players, and the pay-per-head broker simply has to adjust. The odds can be adjusted based on who is playing or whether the action is too one-sided.

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