Discover the best betting front-end technology

Discover the Best Betting Front-end Technology

ABCPerHead has spent a lot of time over the years improving and customizing front-end technology to provide a better betting experience for end-users.

Potent betting platform

We understand that providing excellent customer service is an essential component of our bookie software service. Secure and stable are essential. Faulty software can be quantifiable. But it is difficult to quantify how much business bookie agents are losing due to a cumbersome front-end platform.

The Problem

It is difficult to navigate betting sites, which can discourage players from placing wagers. If finding the odds, selecting the one they want, and choosing the amount and type of wager require many clicks and endless searching, players may opt to not place the bet at all.

This problem affects all online betting sites, even European ones. It is caused by the addition of outdated code to the software. Once this is done, you will have a patchwork of software that is at best difficult to use and, in worst cases, unusable.

The ABCPerHead Difference

Because we love to gamble, we understand what players want. We use data analysis to extract valuable information about players’ interactions with our betting platform. We also check how players connect to our software services. Are they using mobile devices? Is there any part of the software that players have trouble navigating? At what speed can players place and confirm wagers?

We can identify potential concerns with our front-end platform and fix them. This will allow us to add functionality to the software, which will make betting more fun. It will also encourage players to return again and place more bets than they originally planned.

Betting Front-end Platform Benefits:

Our booking software services have many benefits. The agent console is the most user-friendly of all pay-per-head sites; it is also extremely secure and robust. However, agents are our direct customers, and we put a lot of effort into providing them with all the tools they need. Agents’ satisfaction is paramount to our efforts. We know that agents can only thrive if their players are happy.

These are just a few of the many benefits that our betting front-end sportsbook platform offers:

  1. It is simple to navigate the streamlined menu.
  2. There is little room for error in the event description.
  3. You can review your account activity up until two weeks before.
  4. The following information is clearly displayed: available balance, pending bets, win/loss, and pending bets.
  5. Front-end responsiveness.
  6. All Android and iOS devices are supported by the front-end.

Only one pay-per-head service solution has made such a large investment in the functionality and front-end of the betting platform.

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