Encrypted Website Why it is important as a bookie

Encrypted Website: Why it is important as a bookie

The Internet’s technology isn’t a passing fad. It is a permanent feature that connects people all over the globe and makes life easier. It is vital to have an encrypted website software and be vigilant about security concerns due to the rapid growth of the internet and Wi-Fi capabilities in almost every part of the world. Pay-per-head bookie business has seen an increase in usage thanks to the development of the internet. These services contain highly sensitive information, and it is crucial that they take all necessary precautions to ensure their customers’ account information is secure and encrypted.

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Always use an Encrypted Website

However, most website software doesn’t have encrypted websites. These services instead use HTTP, which is not encrypted. This means that any time you use the internet with your players, at any public Wi-Fi location or store such as Starbucks, airports, offices, or other buildings, all your data, usernames, and passwords, as well as all information about your account (balances, wagers, names, etc.), can be seen by anyone who has the authority to view them. Any person who spies on you using government spy programs such as PRISM may collect and store this information for an indefinite period and use it against you to steal your information or persecute you in court. Your internet service provider, such as Verizon or AT&T, can view all your account information if it’s not encrypted. Anyone with access to records, like certain government agencies, can also see this information.

This is why it’s so simple to use a website using HTTPS or SSL. These were created to encrypt websites and all information stored on them. Websites such as Amazon, banks, stock markets, and others that store sensitive information must have HTTPS. An attacker or spy won’t see what you write, such as account information and passwords. They will also not be able to view any pages on that website. This means that anything you do, such as open wagers or weekly balances, is safe and secure and cannot be seen by outsiders. If someone had access to your player or agent information, they could print detailed reports on your players and finances, corrupt balances, place losing wagers, and delete them all. This would cause your players to lose interest in you and your services. This business has a lot at stake. Many people, including friends and government agencies, don’t condone such activities. It is therefore important to choose a service that is serious about security and encryption. Despite the obvious security risk, many pay-per-head sites don’t actually offer encrypted websites. These companies don’t support HTTPS as it is more complex, more expensive, and requires more hardware.

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ABCPerHead Encrypted Website

ABCPerHead is able to distinguish itself from other pay-per-head sites. This is because they have the expertise and have a unique structure that uses top-end hardware and appliances for secure connections. You can see it on any ABC skin.

The green lock, HTTPS, and verification that the page has been secured mean that all information entered into the site as well as everything displayed on the screen after you log in is protected from hackers, prying eyes, and other snooping authorities. ABCPerHead has all of its player backends secured by the most recent 256-bit RSA HTTPS/SSL protocol. ABCPerHead was the first site to offer SSL to customers. ABC has been offering secure websites for over ten years. If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your bookmaking information (which everyone should be), then you have no choice but to choose a company like ABCPerHead. They only provide secure and encrypted websites.

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