Get a pay-per-head sportsbook

Get a Pay per Head Sportsbook

It is possible to set up a pay-per-head sportsbook if you are a betting agent or bookie. There are many reasons why bookies choose to open a pay per head sportsbook. Sometimes it is because they are looking for more control and security, increased business hours, or the ability to expand their business hours.

No matter what your reason is for setting up a per-head sportsbook, it is normal to have many questions. You don’t have to be worried if you select the right pay per head service. The process is very simple and quick.

Compare and shop before you decide on a per-head sportsbook. Also, ask for a free demo, compare prices, and read reviews. Although there are many options on the market, you need to make the right decision before you set up a per-head sportsbook. The right service will help your business grow and operate smoothly, while the wrong one can cost you clients and money.

Your online Pay-per-Head Sportsbook up and running in just one day.

ABCPerHead is one of the most renowned and respected pay-per-head services. They explain the steps for setting up a per-head sportsbook with their company.

Register now to become a Pay-per-Head Sportsbook agent

It takes just a few minutes for you to complete a simple form that includes your contact information as well as the number of accounts your company has.

Contact Information

After you have registered, you will need to call your account manager to discuss your requirements and answer any questions. You will need to tell your account manager what limit you would like, what type of wagers you’ll be using, and which line types you’ll be using, as well as whether you plan on using their other services.

You can request a custom-designed website if you’re new to the PPH business. Or, you can choose from one of the many existing skins to speed up the process. Developers and designers will be able to connect the login form to an existing page if you do not have one. These cases can be handled by a solid HTML5 sportsbook.

In your initial contact, discuss pricing and payment options.

The third and final step is:

Relax and enjoy the moment. It can take up to 15 minutes to get your Bookie business up and running, depending on how many accounts you have and what special requirements you have.

After everything is set up, you can go to the testing stage to ensure everything works as you expected.

As you can see, setting up a per-head sportsbook is easy if you decide the right service. ABCPerHead is the place to go if you want to make your business flourish.

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