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Lower Price Pay per Head is not always the answer

The pay-per-head is very competitive. There are thousands of PPH services that a local bookie can take advantage of. The price of the product is, as in all businesses, the most important thing to the customer, sometimes a lower price pay per head doesn’t really save you money.

The price-per-head business is very diverse. Prices can range from $3 to $50 per player per week. It is essential for bookies to consider all costs and benefits when deciding on a pay-per-head service. Sometimes, the cheaper price may actually be more expensive than if you were paying more for a better service.

Many per-head services have extremely low prices, and you are not allowed to speak to them. You can only contact them via email if you have an urgent issue that needs their attention. Otherwise, it may take hours for them to respond. You run the risk of your players becoming frustrated or even angry with you because they cannot resolve their issue. This could lead to your customers losing interest in you and have a direct impact on your revenue stream.

Additionally, pay-per-head betting platform services often offer only basic features. A low price might mean that your players cannot access livestreaming, which can be a huge selling point for new players.

Lower price Pay per Head does not usually include the following:

  • Virtual casino
  • Live Casino
  • Horses are less popular than you might think. However, they are very popular and will make you a lot more money.

Lower price per head for bookie services can also lead to more line errors and grading mistakes, as well as downtime during busy times of the week. Any of these problems can spell doom for your business. Customers who are angry at the website and make mistakes will become frustrated, which could lead to customers losing interest.

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Finally, if you pay a lower price pay per head for a service, it is more likely that you will get a low-priority one. This means that you will be dealing with multiple customer service representatives who do not know you. They may not even know your preferences or how you would like to set your limits and profiles to maximize your winnings based on the betting styles of your players. You will almost always get better products and services if you’re willing to pay more.

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