MMA fighters who could be headed to the UFC in 2023

MMA fighters who could be headed to the UFC in 2023

You can bank on several of these top fighters to grace the Octagon.

Around 72 MMA fighters made their UFC debuts in 2022. These included blue-chip prospects such as Muhammad Mokaev and veterans like Emily Ducote. The UFC has over 40 events per year and signs many fighters, young and old. We expect many more high-profile fighters in the UFC to compete in 2023. This includes some old faces that could be fixtures on the UFC betting odds.

Let’s look at the most recent UFC picks, stats, and predictions. There are many UFC expert picks that you can consider.

UFC: New Faces

Vladimir Mineev

Mineev could become the next big thing in Russia. The 32-year-old is known as “Big Dillashaw” and is a mixed kickboxer and MMA fighter. He has won over UFC veterans Maiquel Falcao, Andreas Michailidis, and many others.

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Last or current organization: AMC Fight Nights (Fight Nights Global).

Jillian DeCoursey

Invicta is the women’s MMA league that is almost as big as the UFC. Their champions are the best, and they will almost certainly be in the UFC within the next year. DeCoursey is the Invicta champion. She has two unexpected wins in 2022, both by finish. If she can keep up this pace in the octagon, she’d be the best UFC wager.

Last or current organization: Invicta FC

Ziko Makengele

The UFC is always looking for African talent. Makengele, who just beat Martin van Staden for the welterweight title, could be the next fighter out of the EFC. With just over a year of experience and four professional fights, the Congolese fighter is still young. However, this hasn’t stopped the UFC from continuing to fight in the past.

Last or current organization: EFC

Adam Cullen or Luke Riley?

Paddy Pimblett may soon be able to impress Dana White with his stablemates, Cullen or Riley. If either one or both of them are awarded UFC contracts, we would bet that they will make their debuts on the Contender Series in 2023. Both are unbeaten and have explosive finishes in their highlight reels. White might decide to continue mining his camp, considering how popular Pimblett is.

Last or current organization: Cage Warriors

Taneisha Tennant

Tennant had a chance to make it to the UFC, but she lost to Danyelle Wolf during the Contender Series. She’s now 2-0 in Invicta, and has won the bantamweight title. A bout with Talita Berno could be her ticket to the UFC or the Contender Series. She will need to beat Bernardo and do it convincingly.

Last or current organization: Invicta FC

The UFC is bringing fighters back.

Bobby Nash

Although Nash is now 0-3 in the Octagon, he has been a complete wrecker since his departure. The welterweight champion has won four straight fights, three of which were by first-round knockout. He is the kind of fighter who will finish his opponent or give up trying. This guy should be able to place a wager on the under at an online sportsbook.

Last or current organization: XFC

Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez could be one of the most prominent fighters to return to the UFC in 2023. Alvarez, a former lightweight champion, has already expressed an interest in returning to the UFC. The “Underground King,” regardless of whether he will be a title contender or not, puts on thrilling fights. If he and the UFC can agree on a deal, a trilogy bout with Michael Chandler could be possible.

Last or current organization: ONE Championship

Ali AlQaisi

AlQaisi lost his first UFC bout in 2020, and most fans won’t be able to recall it. The title-winning Jordanian fighter has now compiled a record of 5-1 with titles victories in Titan FC, UAE Warriors, and the UFC. In a rematch, he defeated Jesse Arnett, a long-time veteran. He could be eligible for another fight in the UFC, particularly since the promotion is looking for Middle Eastern fighters to compete in their Abu Dhabi events.

Last or current organization: UAE Warriors

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