Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Reading and fully acknowledging the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy we lay out below is of the utmost importance before you commit your business to ABC PerHead.  Once you start doing business with ABCPerHead, we will consider them to be accepted.  Please cease doing business with ABCPerHead if you do not accept or are not in agreement with the conditions and privacy policy provided by us.

1. About Us

ABC PerHead is located in San José, Costa Rica. We have been offshore for over 20 years, and continue to be top-tier in the professional pay-per-head business. Plus, we have been the leader for 25 years in the Post-up and Credit action market, and continue to lead in all action aspects.

ABC PerHead is committed to bringing top-tier services to per-head agents. We offer strong and accurate monitoring, plus movement and line management; also, real-time reporting such as weekly balances, hold reports, and much more.

The majority of the Per Head Providers offer just a call center because they have NO financial interest in the services they bring to the table. ABCPerHead does not only offer the Per Head service but the ownership of ABC has the same financial interest in the lines, customer service and overall action as you do. This will ensure that you, as the agent you are, get the exact same treatment as the ownership.

Regardless of any of the packages you select from our offer, all agents get to benefit by the same products and streamlined service.

2. Privacy Policy

ABCPerHead’s purpose is to provide you with the greatest pay-per-head tools in the industry; there is no desire nor need to sell or commercially deal with any information or data collected through its site. This includes web browsing data or preferences, transactions, or contact info.

3.  Sensitive Financial Data.

Our privacy point above includes all your sensitive financial information as an agent and that which belongs to your players. All this data is reserved and will not be disclosed for any reason whatsoever, unless competent government or financial entities so require it.

4. Collection of Sensitive and Identifiable Data

ABCPerHead will need to keep track of their agents within the scope of the use of the online services we provide. This will include all communication maintained with our support team by phone, emails, chats and/or other means. Among the data to be kept are name, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal information.

5. Usage Purposes for the Collected Data

All the collected personal and/or browsing data described above will be used with these purposes in mind:

-To apply corrections and updates, plus improvements, to our pay-per-head business frame, which will apply to agents and players alike.

-For transactional processing (whenever required.)

-For information processing such as registration, accreditation, etc.

-For marketing campaigns and advertising.

-As required for clear and prompt communication.

-For any other purpose having to do with the specific instance in which the data was collected.

ABCPerHead will only disclose the personal information collected to the following:

-Qualified employees of ABCPerHead.

-Third parties that provide any services to us, which in turn are rendered by ABCPerHead.

-Any potential investors that may show interest in ABCPerHead

ABCPerHead will base its sharing of the collected, personal data on international regulations for fair use of said information. Any questions or doubts you may have regarding this usage of personal data, please reach out to us through the LIVE Chat, telephone 1-888-999-7841, or by email to [email protected].

Regarding revenues and earnings, the agents have the sole responsibility to report all earnings and/or revenues to their local tax entities, since ABCPerHead does not and will not share this type of information with any financial entities. Therefore, it will not assume any liability stemming from improper filing of taxes or reporting of earnings/revenues to said entities. Agents must make and file their own tax documents according to their jurisdiction, and present the documents themselves.

7. Information Retention

ABCPerHead will only store all data if and when it serves a current objective; ABCPerHead will NOT be storing any sensitive personal data past the date of usefulness for our operation, transaction and/or marketing purposes.

8. Removal from Marketing List

ABCPerHead allows its users and agents to be removed from the marketing list, or to decline being contacted by the marketing team for basic purposes. Contact us through our available communication channels and clearly state your desire to opt-out from the marketing lists.

9. Updates to our Terms and Conditions, plus Privacy policy

The above Terms and Conditions plus Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. ABCPerHead may contact agents and users to let them know of any changes but they’re not under any obligation to notify. Please make sure to check them regularly to verify you still accept them.

For additional information regarding our Terms and Conditions, plus Privacy Policy, or for any other issue or matter regarding ABCPerHead, feel free to contact us via LIVE Chat, telephone 1-888-999-7841, or email by writing to [email protected]. We have representatives waiting for you 24/7.

10. Revenue Share Products

“ABC Per Head: All REVENUE SHARE products – the principle agent must always maintain a positive balance for players to have access to any of the revenue share products.  If these products generate losses for the agent and ABC PPH (Players Win) the money ABC PPH is responsible for, will be credited to the primary agent’s balance and shall remain in the primary agents balance to cover future charges..  This money cannot be requested as a withdraw.”

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