Reduce the risk of trying a new PPH service

Reduce the risk of trying a new PPH service

Human nature is capable of seeing a better world. While we are always trying to get more for our money, most people are afraid of the implications of changing to a higher PPH service.

You can now test ABCPerHead’s PPH solutions for free. The owners of the industry’s gold standard are so certain that you will be impressed by their service that they are willing to give you a Pay Per Head free trial. But hurry; this free pay-per-head offer is only available for a limited time.

Enjoy the Pay Per Head Free Trial Now!

Pay-per-head shops require you to make an upfront payment. This is a significant risk since all you can rely on is the promise of good service. You are not only at risk of losing your clients because of frustration over a lack of service amenities, but also the money that you have invested.

Although ABCPerHead is a fantastic company to work for, I would normally encourage people to switch. However, I also understand that you may need to pay two service providers for a few weeks before you can make sure that the new book suits your needs.

Pay-per-head trials are free for new PPH service

Pay-per-head trials are free, and you can gain everything. You won’t be disappointed if your current service is satisfactory. ABCPerHead offers a limited-time trial.

My recommendation is to take a sample from your package and select the players with the best relationships. Tell them about your plan and ask them to test-drive the new service. You can conceal the fact that this is a no-cost, PPH Service trial. This will prevent your players from asking you for a break on their losses for the week. Your players will have access to the best sportsbook, racebook, and casino, as well as live in-game wagering on all major leagues or tournaments. They can also do it from any mobile device.

You can also test the agent’s backend and view their stellar online reports and excellent agent support.

Once you’re done with your free trial and are ready to move, the entire process will be seamless. You can have your website customized in just one day. There are many options for payment and an account manager who will assist you with any issues.

Don’t put off signing up for your free PPH Service trial. 

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