Select an Automated Betting Solution for Bookies

Select an Automated Betting Solution for Bookies

What sports betting solution will you select? With so many sports betting software sites emerging online, choosing just one may prove challenging. This guide will assist in selecting the appropriate automated betting solution to launch your betting site.

Search all options for Automated Betting Solution

When first starting to manage a bookie, it is wise to explore your options carefully. Use Google to research “best sports gambling software.”

Be prepared to be amazed at all the betting options available from bookmakers! Write down as many names of sports betting software as you can find to give yourself an excellent place to start when narrowing down your choices.

Do your homework

Research each option that appears on your list of PPH software solutions by visiting their respective websites and gathering more information from there.

Bookie software should be user-friendly and intuitive for both you and your customers. When choosing software in the sports betting industry, select only products that have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure reliability.

Test your Bookie Software

Sports bookmakers often benefit from complimentary offers by companies offering the top software for bookmakers to experiment with betting sports with this software and see if they like it.

Take advantage of any free promotions you find. By testing and learning more about software programs, they provide an ideal opportunity to test them and gain valuable experience.

Get the Pay per Head Free Trial

ABC per Head, a software company dedicated to sports betting, would love to offer you a three-week promo at no cost—an essential tool for any bookie who aspires to be the best!

ABC per Head Services: Essentials

ABC per Head provides managed sportsbook software. By paying a monthly subscription fee, experts constantly update and upgrade your site.

With just one fee payment, downtime won’t be an issue; also included in this fee is 24/7 agent and player support.

By opting for fully managed technologies, you don’t need to pay for multiple features at once, making the decision both cost-efficient and straightforward.

Automated Betting Solution Features and Support

ABC per Head gives you access to an extensive list of features and support options, such as:

  • Keep your site current.
  • Agents and players alike can communicate directly using an in-app chat.
  • Our team is available 24/7 to offer customer service.
  • MFA, firewalls, and other security features protect against malicious attacks on our network.
  • Simple Bitcoin payment methods.
  • Security monitoring is among the other features included within the sportsbook platform.

Sportsbook features include:

  • Bet tickers. 
  • When someone places a bet, they’ll receive an SMS notification of this action.
  • Check out the latest player reports.
  • Sports scoreboard integration.
  • Live dealer casino games.
  • Real-time sports betting.
  • Automatic payouts.
  • Professionally constructed lines and odds.
  • Customizable limits, lines, and players.

ABC per Head takes care of all the technicalities for you so you can focus on setting up your website and making money.

Why use a pay-per-Head model?

Many sports betting software programs use a subscription-based payment model; bookies typically pay a flat monthly fee for sportsbook services.

Off-seasons when there aren’t as many punters can prove expensive; therefore, this option should not be pursued by small bookies looking for extra income streams.

ABC per Head operates under a subscription model based on per-player (PPH). You pay $10 for every active bet in any given month with you, making up to four players per subscription model tier.

You will only require around $100 per player in expenses to remain profitable if your business only includes 10 players; that doesn’t change even if it was running over 1000 players during Super Bowl season with payments totaling $10,000 per week.

Assuming all your players place $100 bets, 10% of what you earn would go back out as payouts to them, making your system both scalable and flexible while remaining consistently profitable.

We offer bookies the ideal Automated betting solution

Are you curious to see what ABC per Head’s pay-per-head bookie software can do for your sports betting website? Be amazed by its endless capabilities! You’ll be delighted by its limitless potential.

Our bookie program can offer your clients all the sports betting options they require while easily keeping track of winnings and losses from all clients to generate weekly profits for you and make you money!

Learn more about our 3-week free pay-per-head promo and sportsbook software by reaching out.

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