Sharp Bookie Software

Sharp Bookie Software

A sharp bookie’s software is essential if you want to book action. It will make you more durable than software with soft or slow-moving lines.

There are many pay-per-head sites that offer sharp professional bookie software. However, not all of them will adhere to the principle of having the best lines. There are many options available, but many simply copy lines from other books and don’t want to invest the money to make the best lines.

A line on one betting site could have a difference of half a point or more. However, anyone who has ever bet or booked action knows that this is enough to make a wager a win, loss, or push. It is important not to fall for the trap and pay a lower PPH fee if this comes at the expense of having sharp betting software.

ABCPerHead is one of the bookie programs that offers sharp lines. They employ an average of five top books and then move lines and juice based on the action. Then, they also use a few of the sharpest professionals to move the line immediately.

Bookie’s software Experience

ABCPerHead does not copy lines from the market or wait for them to move. They instead rely on the expertise of their lines team, which has over 150 years of experience moving lines in this industry. They are also aggressive in maximizing the juice on lines, moving lines to increase the price of a particular game line. This helps to increase the hold percentages for the bookies.

While they don’t have the lowest pay-per-head price on the market, they do have an affordable and reasonable $10 per player per week. Their focus is to make the players as rich as possible. They do this by putting sharp lines in place and charging more for certain lines. Lines are what drive the industry. Having the best lines will only help you, the agent, make the most money. A small price difference per head is not going to matter if you make more from sharper lines. ABCPerHead is the best place to start a relationship with the industry’s most skilled bookie software company.

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