Sports betting Make the Odds Work in Your Favor

Sports Betting: Make the Odds Work in Your Favor

Every for-profit venture has the goal of making as much money as possible. Sports betting is the most popular for-profit business venture, but bookies have struggled to stay afloat due to growing competition.

Among the Sports Betting services provided are:

Online sportsbook operators don’t have the burden of managing this complicated business alone. ABCPerHead, the most trusted pay-per-head bookmaker provider, can help them with their management of an online sportsbook.

Services offered include for Sports Betting:

Line management expertise

Line managers are seasoned professionals with decades of experience managing and creating game odds. They are well-known in the industry for being the best line managers in the sports betting business.

They aim to balance the book by accepting the best odds for an event’s outcome and maximizing their profits.

These are calculated risks that can be taken in order to maximize profits.

Risk Management

ABCperHead is a trusted bookmaking software service that offers valuable risk management services.

Staff are always looking for signs of collusion or unusual betting patterns among players. The bet ticker is one of the best tools for identifying these anomalies. It displays all accepted wagers in real-time.

A team of risk managers can spot unusual betting patterns. For example, two accounts placing bets on the same event at the exact same time or even seconds apart It could be as simple as friends placing bets together. However, it could also indicate that players are colluding or trying to circumvent wager limits.

These events are immediately spotted by agents, who are then responsible for making decisions about how to handle the situation.


Managing an online sportsbook can be done in the best way possible. This is achieved by using reports.

ABCperHead provides the most comprehensive report manager in business. Find out your player balances, exposure on a particular game, settle reports and end-of week reports with a click of a button. You can be sure that all reports are up-to-date, so you’re always in control of your business.

If you are not satisfied with the standard reports offered, you have the option to request a custom-made report. This feature is especially useful for complex packages that are larger.

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