Sports Betting Software International Events

Sports Betting Software for International Events

Although the world is huge, it is shrinking each day. We can travel around the globe in 24 hours and view things as they occur in real-time. Stay right in the middle of the action with the best sports betting software.

There’s a whole new world out there

It is no surprise that international sporting events have been growing in popularity in North America’s gambling market. This opens up great opportunities for bookies in other markets, such as Europe and Asia. However, most pay-per-head services are restricted by the fact that their sports betting software does not support different betting odds in these markets.

ABCPerHead is an exception. This flexible platform is comparable to the best European online sports betting sites. The platform can handle American, fractional, and decimal odds without any problems.

ABCPerHead has provided the most betting markets of any pay-per-head. Soccer Software is one of the biggest moneymakers for agents. They offer odds for every African league as well as every European first division league.

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This means that bookie agents can now reach new markets and find customers all over the globe. ABCPerHead has the largest collection of international sporting events available, so there is no reason to worry about meeting their needs.

Always be sure to use a Sports Betting Software that allows you to increase your odds of winning

You can now offer the best betting odds to players who love European basketball or rugby. If you are unable to find a reliable pay-per-head service that offers everything your players want, there is no reason to turn down business. Always be sure to use a sports betting software that allows you to increase your odds of winning with PPH.

ABCPerHead offers everything that players around the globe have been looking for with the best betting front-end technology, including the best odds to bet on any sport in the world, great customer support, reliable, secure, and up-to-date betting interfaces, and 99.9% uptime.

The betting interface is simple to use. This is something that not all European betting software can boast about. However, I have found that many of these European betting platforms make it so difficult for users to find the European bookie software they are looking for.

Sportsbook Software for Bookies

The sports betting software, provided by ABCPerHead, is much easier to use. It shows the win-loss record for the week and previous weeks. All the information is also available to the player and his agent. Finding the game you want is as simple as it gets.

You are a bookie looking to grow your client base and target international customers. All you have to do is register with ABCPerHead and choose the sports that you wish to offer. Set up your wagering limits and maximum payout per wager type. Start your Sportsbook Business for Free!

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