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Pay-Per-Head Software Provider Technological Solutions

The Ultimate Pay-Per-Head Software Provider with ABCPerHead’s Technological Solutions

Independent bookies are challenged to keep up with technology’s advancements, as technology changes daily. ABCPerHead, a top pay-per-head software provider, is known for its ability to offer betting agents real software solutions.

Separating Themselves from the Rest

Most pay-per-head companies use third-party providers for their sports betting software solutions. However, in recent years, ABCPerHead decided to separate themselves from the rest. They made this decision because they wanted a quicker turnaround on software releases. Each year, the PPH software provider releases a scheduled update of the software. This upgrade includes many of the features that the professionals at ABCPerHead requested, as well as bug fixes.

The ultimate Pay-per-Head Software Provider

The pay-per-head service sector of sports betting, in particular, is constantly evolving. While many competitors may offer similar services, only a few companies are able to produce the best and most innovative ones.

ABCPerHead is one such company. They are the most prominent pay-per-head service provider and have changed the way that the industry does business for over 20 years. They use a third-party provider of software, as do most pay-per-head companies. However, in recent years, they decided to separate themselves from the rest.

They decided to make the change because they wanted a quicker turnaround on software releases. The major software releases are made during the off-season. Sometimes, it doesn’t include all the features requested or has glitches that can take months to fix. ABCPerHead made a deal to allow the PPH software provider to add new features and fix bugs.

These rights are released later to all clients, but they are initiated by ABCPerHead. This makes them the only real betting software provider. While other pay-per-head companies are beginning to negotiate for these rights, the majority of software providers have been reluctant to grant them due to security and trust.

What Makes ABCPerHead the Ultimate Pay-Per-Head Software Provider?

The phrase “price for heads” is common. There are many differences in ABCPerHead’s service compared to other providers. Here are some:


ABCPerHead began offering its price-per-head service in 1997. They were the first to do this.

In those days, people didn’t know what a price per head was. The usual way to do business was to make an agent deal. One party would supply players and the PPH sportsbook betting service, and the two would split the losses and profits.

Many owners considered the pay-per-head sportsbook business model unprofitable. But ABCPerHead and his visionary business approach saw the potential and decided to jump in. They are still going strong after 20 years.

Pay-per-Head Software Provider Service

This is the most obvious difference because you can feel it from the very first interaction you have with staff. Many booking agents I have spoken to said that they were treated well while they were shopping and that their calls and emails were returned promptly. Their questions were answered expertly once they signed up and paid.

ABCPerHead is unique because they care about their clients, and their business model revolves around them. ABCPerHead places the client at the center of every decision. They do not make decisions based on cost-effectiveness, as do others. If they feel that lowering costs will negatively impact the customer experience, they don’t.

Every improvement, innovation, and change is made to improve the customer experience. This includes players. The online betting interface must be improved in order to improve player satisfaction, which in turn will increase agent profits.


ABC-Per-Head has spent more per head than any other company and placed as much emphasis on technology.

Ask around; there is no other price per head. There are two fully operational call centers and data centers in different locations that ensure service does not stop due to natural or man-made disasters.

There is no other company per capita that has a team of certified IT engineers working for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most people contract with an IT service provider and have a few tech guys on-site to fix minor issues such as keyboard or monitor swaps.

ABCPerHead’s management team recognized early on that the company had to be a technology company. Because their service relies heavily on technology, they can’t offer it without a strong internet connection, a secure network, or an innovative mobile gambling platform.

Pay-per-head shops are frequently confused with sportsbooks. However, a service is not like a traditional sportsbook. You cannot process the volume of transactions over the telephone, much less take wagers on paper. Your service requires technology.

ABCPerHead has been able to find the most secure and reliable professional booking software. It is not an easy task. However, ABCPerHead continues to improve it, add functionality, streamline processes, and create an incredibly pleasant user interface year after year.

If you are wondering what the ultimate payment per head service looks like, register at ABCPerHead to become an agent and see firsthand how it feels to work with a real betting software.

There are no more site crashes during peak hours, delays, or unanswered calls. Players also won’t have any complaints. This ultimate pay-per-head software provider offers superior service at a lower price.

The right Pay-per-Head Software Provider

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