The Best Sportsbook Software

The Best Sportsbook Software for Bookies

ABCperHead is one of the most popular pay-per-head Sportsbook Software for Bookies provider. Our team of talented employees is ready to serve you and provide the best service possible. They are also avid sports fans.

ABCPerHead is the Sportsbook Software Company to contact

Finding a good pay-per-head sportsbook software service these days appears to be an impossible task. These places advertise that they can solve all your bookmaker’s problems. However, the price is high, and the advertising can be misleading.

The quest for the mythical port-betting solution

There is no magic solution to the betting industry. However, one service has made great strides in improving service quality and innovation. It can be found at ABCperHead.

ABCperHead’s services may look similar to those offered by all its competitors. However, they deliver on what they promise. They don’t make false claims or embellish their offerings. Instead, they strive every year to improve themselves as a company by listening to the needs of their clients.

Sportsbook Software for Bookies: Sports Betting Platform

ABCperHead has the best sports betting software. It is compatible with all devices, mobile and otherwise, and is available 24 hours a day.

Access the intuitive system on Apple and Android handheld phones. The server response times are consistent, even during peak betting hours. Players will not experience delays or disconnections while placing wagers. You can, however, add an intentional delay to specific players if you so desire.

All the betting options are available online, including props, alternative lines, matchups and in-play betting.

Contact Center

Although an online sportsbook is essential, sometimes players may need assistance. ABCperHead has created a state-of-the-art contact center with high-quality voice over IP phones and noise-canceling headphones to ensure that your players are not distracted by background noise.

Contact center staff have a great command of English and no annoying accents. They are able to resolve most problems within the first few days of contact. Because great customer service is a cornerstone of ABCperHead, every client is treated with respect.

Agents also have access to the best-in-class contact center. A dedicated number has been created just for them. Your Pay per Head package will be set up by the knowledgeable and helpful account managers within 24 hours.

Sportsbook Software for Bookies: Branded Websites

ABCperHead has the expertise to create custom websites for businesses that already have a brand. Every step of the process will include consideration of your input regarding style, color scheme, and content.

The backend of the betting interface can also be customized to reflect your brand colors. This will ensure that your clients won’t suspect that you use a pay-per-head sportsbook software for bookies. Your players can also have a dedicated phone number to reach you for personalized service.

Technology and Security

This is the final step in a deal for some agents. Nobody wants to worry about uptime and reliability, not to mention hacker threats or compromised data.

ABCperHead has a clear advantage in this regard. Every part of their network was analyzed and optimized to ensure 99.9% uptime. 

ABCperHead employs highly skilled engineers to manage their network’s data centers, servers, and internet connections. Routine maintenance is done on both servers and computers in the call center. Security vulnerabilities have been addressed with great care, including the use of the most advanced DDOS attack prevention technology as well as encrypted site.

Servers in the data centers can handle five times more workload than is possible during peak times. Additionally, each piece of equipment has full redundancy, providing the same infrastructure that large companies such as Google and Microsoft use.

ABCperHead has nine internet providers and four physical locations. This was done to ensure connectivity. Each office has its own emergency power plant and two separate call centers and data centers that are located in different geographical areas. They are connected to two different power grids. In the event of an outage, the other call center will take over.

Routine backups of client data are done every day to protect the integrity of information in the event of a system failure.  In addition to highly redundant private cloud infrastructures, there are hardware backups that can replace or build a new system.

Line Management

Line management is perhaps the most important aspect of any bookmaking and sports betting business. The right people will manage your betting odds and make the difference between being successful and going bankrupt.

ABCperHead is a place where only the most skilled line managers are allowed to join the team.  The best line managers are able to know the sports betting business and can decide when to move, hold a line, and give a straight line. This knowledge has the greatest impact on agents’ bottom lines.

The ability to spot betting patterns and predict the next moves of the best players is another skill that is required. ABCperHead service line managers use these skills on a daily basis.


ABCperHead offers more than just person-to-person money transfers.  It’s easy to pay for your PPH service using Bitcoin or gift cards.

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You are a bookie looking to grow your client base and target international customers. All you have to do is register with ABCPerHead and choose the sports that you wish to offer for your players. Set up your wagering limits and maximum payout per wager type.

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