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Premium Pay Per Head Service 22

ABC Price Per Head Pay Per Head Services was created to provide bookmakers with the safest and most reliable service for running their offshore bookmaking business. We are here to simplify the way you do your bookmaking, not to change it. Whether you're new to offshore betting or a long time agent, ABC Islands Sportsbook is the place to have your players. Most PPH services provide you with VoIP as your primary line of communication, for ABC Islands it is our 3rd option.

You are joining a TEAM OF EXPERTS with over 19 years in the offshore betting industry, with a reputation that is 2nd to none.

For Local Bookies and Online Bookmakers

  • Personalized Software. Get that extra value for your business! Have access to all the tools you need to manage your accounts effectively.

  • Customer Service 24/7 Receive the quality of customer service that you deserve. A highly trained team of agents, will be available for you and your clients, at any time.

  • Variety of phone service (Satellite, optic fiber and VoiP) most sportsbooks offer a limited access, we put at your disposal 3 different options. You will never have to worry about contacting one of our agents.


  • Please fill out the form and send us a message one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Price Per Head Shop

    Our pay per head shop offers you the largest variety on Sports, Horses and Casino Games with our 24 hour service.

    We will walk you through each step and help you take full advantage of the most modern software to manage your players with full confidentiality and security.