Why Go Pay Per Head

Why Go Pay Per Head?

Of course, the first thing on any sportsbook agent or bookie’s mind is: Why Go Pay-Per-Head?

Pay Per Head –or PPH– services are the logical way to go to make your sportsbook/bookie business thrive in this era of total Internet coverage. Sure, everyone started out using the phone and assisting on-site at their own facilities, but suddenly everything got caught up in the wake of the Internet and now business growth is handled and blooms online. Of course, you can continue managing your business with the basics, with no Internet to keep the pace, but… why continue with that format?

Per Head Services

You see, PPH services are not only confined to expanding a business. They also help sportsbooks and bookies catch their breath and smoothly run their business without a hitch; daily reports and other tools useful in handling everything online are here to stay, so why not take advantage of them? Imagine a dedicated call center to handle player queries, even the agency’s own, plus software for tracking player activities, all of it online. Still undecided to make the change to PPH online maintenance? Check out the following bullets:

  • Needless to say, the world has become an online entity, and to dismiss this premise is to miss out on the best resource to grow; it’s like cutting  the wings off of your business. To make your business grow means you need to make the transition into the World Wide Web to expand.
  • Since the world has been completely overtaken by online activities –be it video watching, wagering, buying online, etc. – potential and current clients will be grateful for your switch to a world they already know about, and know about well. This alone makes the possibilities endless!
  • Besides the expansion possibilities, the costs for expanding your business are so much lower if done by a renowned company, as it takes over your daily business transactions without any hassle to you.
  • Need human line movement and monitoring instead of just software? That is precisely what we, as a pph provider,  offer you to make sure you are getting the best lines for your players to have full control of your rules and lines. We are committed to our customers and will provide them with everything they need for their business to thrive.
  • Remember, most players seek to comfortably check out wagers, lines, and place bets online. This means either you have to spend a lot of money learning the ropes on marketing and web design, or give Pay Per Head services a shot for a price per head. Don’t like dealing with technology at all? You don’t have to! We’ve got you covered. ABCPPH employs top-notch technology with a dedicated team of engineers to make everything work smoothly. Security included!
  • Call centers at Pay Per Head providers, if chosen well, are the way to provide yourself and your customers with round-the-clock coverage for pressing questions and matters. Never be left stranded and info-less! We have a dedicated call center just waiting for your business to join up.
  • One of the main reasons for taking up a pph service provider is to get your life back. If you try to keep up with the competition, chances are you’re doing all the work yourself and that means you’ll burn out before long. Plus, customers actually appreciate it if your business has that professional feel instead of a home-garage, all-over-the-place feel. So, getting the rest you deserve PLUS making your business grow in the meantime… what’s there not to love?
  • In spite of pay-per-head services being life-saving and business-oriented, there are still many pph agencies out there that might very well ruin your business, or make you lose control of it. Here is where you need to step in and conduct a thorough investigation on all pph providers, to see if they are a match for you; here, you’ll find ABCPPH is a great fit for you. At ABCPPH, we deliver. What you need, when you need it, even when you didn’t even know you did.

FAQs Pay Per Head Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Head Services: How Much Does It Cost to Save?

True, there will be a price-per-head to pay for all these perks and benefits, so it will be entirely up to you to decide if the price you will pay for these services is the right fit for you. Let us save you some of the trouble: for a small weekly fee per active, wagering customer, you will have saved in administration, learning the ropes, investment and, most of all, personal time. Actually, before you think that it’s a lot of money to invest, remember that it’s picking up the slack and helping your business grow, so the cost/benefit ratio is very positive for sportsbooks and bookies; it may even pay for itself in the short term!

Why Should You Define If You Want to Really Become a Bookie:

So, running a sportsbook, a successful one, is not always about the know-how and haves. There are many persons that want to run one, but they can’t, in spite of the knowledge they may have accumulated, or in spite of they really wanting to do it. Why? Because the competition is cutthroat and there are great costs for running a business of the sort. Sure, there are skills, like knowing all the sports and stats and games and names… but it takes much more than that to stand on your own two feet and make it in this free-for-all realm.

This is where technology steps in, and the best place to turn to is a well-tuned PPH provider. To be a good bookie, you need to learn and to accept to delegate time-consuming tasks –like phone calls and text messages to a local bookie– to the technology tools offered by ABC Pay Per Head expert.

Because the PPH expert is versed in having an online presence, in web development and in providing sportsbook software to aid in wagering activities, aside from the security and front-end/back-end staff to go along with it, the price-per-head is a small price to pay to obtain all this without incurring in the expenses for the financial and human resources to back it up.

And this is where we, at ABCPPH step in and lay out before you all we can give you for that mere per-head price, a price that will take all the stress out of your life and return it as a competitive business. So become a bookie, if you’re not already one, and let ABC Pay Per Head be the spearhead that sets you apart from the rest.

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So you’re hooked to another Pay Per Head services provider? No fret! Making the Switch to ABCPPH is too easy to pass up! Check out how to do it with our FAQs here.