Our Pay Per Head Products

 ABC PPH is rated in the top 5 Per Head service by Per Head ranking service DrPPH and has been rated the top-line management software in the industry. Learn about our PPH Products.

  • We offer customers the ability to design their service based on their client’s needs and your site can be as simple as Pre-match Sports, US Live wagering, Horses, and basic casino to a site that will rival Draft Kings.
  • Our pricing model includes a basic plan, an ala cart model where you can specify exactly what you need, or a full site that will allow you to match any large provider in your area like a Draft Kings or Fan Duel.

ABC PPH software offers easy bookmaking and the ability to compete against other online brands.

  • Your players will be able to bet online or by phone 24/7, with no down time.
  • You will have access to your player’s reports so you can monitor their progress.
  • Your players will have access to sports betting, casino games, and horse racing.
  • You make all decisions on limits and restrictions for each individual player.
  • If your players don’t make a wager, you’re not charged- making this a risk-free investment!

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