How many bettors wager on the Sports Industry

How Many Bettors Wager on the Sports Industry?

As more states within the United States are allowing betting on sports, more players are taking pleasure in gambling on sporting events. As of now, 31 states have betting on sports available, and analysts predict that 2-3 states will join by 2023. This leads us to the question of how many bettors wager on sports within the US? Additionally, it calls into debate whether the number will grow or if it’s enough to allow for increased competition between sportsbooks.

Americans have made wagers of more than $125 billion since it became legal four years ago. Additionally, five additional states have legalized it this year, and gambling experts believe that the numbers will grow dramatically.

If you’re thinking about launching an online sportsbook in the near future, this is great news. Particularly since the most recent betting reports indicate that betting on sports will continue to grow for the next few years. There have been several reports this year regarding the number of people who bet on sports on frequently.

So How Many Bettors Wager?

Based on this information we’ve discovered some intriguing trends that indicate a an increased number of bookmakers across the US. One of them is that one in five US adult gambles on sports some way or the other.

How many bets are placed on sports across the US? 1 in 5 Americans Places bets on Sports

According to a study published from Pew Research, 1 in 5 adult Americans bets on sports. In addition, this number is similar to another survey conducted by other organizations this year. Overall, it’s an increase of 80 percent in bettors on sports over the year before.

If we break down these numbers in this way, it is clear that 19 percent of American Adults have been betting on sports this year. In that the majority of them, 88% have placed bets on sports either online or in person, or in a mix of both. It is interesting to note that 15 percent of American adults claimed to make bets on sports with friends and family. It is typically done in an arrangement called a private bet the private betting pool, or via the fantasy league.

In 1993, 41 percent of Americans were in favor betting on sports events that were professional events. Today, this has risen to 66 percent of American who support betting on sports events. In general, Americans believe that betting on sports isn’t good or bad. This data further confirms that Twitter Sports Betting Data that betting on sports is no longer considered taboo.

It is reported that the American gaming Association also says that record-breaking 46.6 million Americans will be betting in the NFL this year. This is a 3percent increase over last year’s. For those who are planning to be an NFL bookie in the coming year this is a great news.

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