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ABCPPH on MLB Season Start for Bookies

MLB Season start: Striking Fear?

There’s a new, collective bargaining agreement in town, and Commissioner Rob Manfred called it in a couple of weeks ago. With new rules, a new schedule, and a start date of April 8th, the MLB season start for bookies is well underway and instilling fear in the hearts of all red-blooded sportsbook agents.

Wait, what? Fear?

For all the love of its fanbase, and despite being one of the most wholesome family sports, with the beauty of the almost scalpel-like precision in pitches and catches, what with the hot dogs and the popcorn and the many-sided attractiveness of the game, there is one catch to this remarkable sport: it ironically instills fear in the hearts of sportsbook agencies and pay per head providers because it will make them lose money.

Yes, you read that right. The arrival of the regular season gets software agents down every time because its arrival DOES NOT bring a big profit for Pay Per Head providers as you would imagine; instead, baseball comes with a drop in profits, and possible losses of the money made off of the NFL, the March Madness, and the NCAAF activities, which have always been peak money-making events. Did we not mention this also stings sportsbook owners as well? Yes, this also affects bookies and the reason is very simple yet daunting: professional baseball is a game that is not easy to manage: the mostly one-sided action can abate any profit and lower the winnings, so they will not be up to par with what was expected. In other words, the format is not set up to bring any money in.

But, fans, players, customers… they will always want to bet on their revered sport; is there any way to circumvent this drawback? Sure enough, there are ways, and the first thing is to know the right info to use and the right things to restrict. This is no small task, but there are many tips you can use to ward off the unprofitable evil spirit inherent to the baseball season. Sportsbook owners can and will get the need to start with as much knowledge as possible in order to salvage what they can. And here’s where ABC PPH steps up to the mound to aid you.

MLB Season Start Schedules, Playoffs

With the regular MLB season start kicking off almost a week after it was expected, each team will be playing the 162 games, all because of dark days, double-headers, and what-not. The only thing missing from the calendar are the playoffs and World Series dates.

Some new-fangled inclusions are: Designated Hitter (meaning starting pitchers won’t have to step up to bat) which comes to change the lineups; word has it that there’s even a new rule called the OHTANI, which says that once a two-player leaves the game, he can stay on as designated hitter. Be sure to look out for the effects of this inclusion and rule. #tipforbookies

Over should be more prevalent, by the way, which means that the best way to go is to set maximum limits on overs early on. #tipforbookies

Another #tipforbookies is to check out all the MLB playoff changes that can wreck your site’s wagering activity since the MLB dropped the play-in game this season for a Wild Card Round.

But even so, there’s no need to fear the MLB money reaper: just restrict the wagering action on your site to pitcher-versus-batter matchups and you’re good to go. Oh, and be sure to have max limits set prior to the following matchups: Chicago White Sox/New York Yankees; New York Mets/Philadelphia Phillies; Chicago White Sox/Houston Astros; Houston Astros/New York Yankees; Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees; Minnesota Twins/Chicago White Sox and the New York Mets/Atlanta Braves. Extra #tipforbookies? There’s no nice way to put it, but be sure to be on the lookout when the Dodgers play, especially when a Dodger pitcher sets foot on his mound: it seems there are far too many handicappers that go into a frenzy to make money by betting against the Dodger’s pitcher. Fancy that…

Learn how to Increase Bookie Profits

Either way, pick up these MLB season start for bookies #tipsforbookies and make them yours! We at ABCPPH are on YOUR side of homeplate!

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