Establishing a Sports Betting Service

Establishing a Sports Betting Service

You can start your search for an online sports betting site to take action on the sport you love by looking into the pay-per-head industry.

This industry caters to individuals who want to be bookies. They can also offer their own online betting service that allows their clients to place wagers on different sporting events.

You can find many cost-per-head sportsbook services online. But ABCPerHead is the most trusted and reputable on the market. Their website is fully functional and hosts thousands of sporting events every day. They also control the odds down to the second. Their lines team has a combined experience of over 150 years managing sports betting lines. They are available 24/7.

This experience and dedication have enabled ABCPerHead to offer an online sports betting solutions for bookies that their players can use. Over the years, they have also been able to maintain a consistent hold percentage of 14% each week. This is a significant improvement on the industry average of 5% per week. The net loss divided by total wages is called the hold percentage. ABCPerHead’s lines are very sharp and offer more sports betting options. This means that they can generate more losses and more money.

They charge $10 per player for their service. You, the agent, only get charged if a player has actually placed a graded bet for that week. If you have 50 players but only 20 players during a week, you’ll only be charged for the 20 players. You and your player will share 100% of any player’s losses.

Sports Betting Service price

The $10 price tag is fairly standard in the industry. However, there are some Pay per Head services that offer lower prices, but they don’t have the same high hold rate as ABCPerHead. Soft lines, fewer sports betting options, and a less reliable product mean that players don’t lose as much. You get what you pay for, and since the primary goal of every bookie is to make the most money, it is wise to choose a PPH service that gives the agents the highest hold percentage. The right service can earn bookies thousands of dollars per week, and quality is not cheap.

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