Testing Your Sports Betting Software Is It Passing the Test

Testing Your Sports Betting Software: Is it Passing the Test?

We aren’t tech-savvy. We just look at the software, test it, and assume it works. This holds true for all software types, including how to test your sports betting software. We use what we have, and although we might wish for the software to do more or do things differently, we don’t know where we should start asking for improvements.

What do you do if the answer is no?

Software is complex. Saying I want a button to accept a wager when clicked is an extremely simplistic way to view technology.

This is not a tutorial on how to build or design software. However, it is a guideline for what you can reasonably expect from the betting solution software provided by your pay-per-head service.

These are the most important features to test your Sports Betting Software & what should offer:

Bookie Software is easy to use.

It is vital that users have a positive experience. This isn’t just something marketers create. A pleasant user experience can make or break any online gambling site.

Users who get lost trying to find lines will lose interest and leave the site without placing any bets.

A frontend interface clearly labels the odds and makes it easy to find prop bets. It doesn’t take many clicks to place a bet. Players will feel more inclined to repeat this pleasant experience with their friends.

It is important that the agent interface be easy to use. If you are unable to see the reports, can’t visualize your operation at a glance, can’t keep track of sub-agents, or can’t see your position on a game, who wagered it, and when, then it is not worth it.

These things are not things you can do. You have people to see and things to do. The interface for your agent should be simple and intuitive.

Test your Sports Betting Software Compatibility

It is not unusual for pay-per-head companies to collaborate with different software providers for wagering solutions. In fact, I guarantee that they all do this. The company that provides the Live Wagering interface for sports betting software is likely not the same one as the one providing the Live Casino.

The head company’s job is to connect all of the providers into a single interface. This requires them to modify things to ensure compatibility. This is difficult. Many sports betting software providers can integrate with multiple platforms. It’s just that not all of them work well together.

A dedicated team of programmers and developers like ABCPerHead is a huge help. They can not only integrate different software solutions, but also personalize them. This is what makes the difference.

Bookie Software Capacity

Sites can crash during crunch times for many reasons. The most important is software capacity. This can be a problem for large pay-per-head companies that accept hundreds or thousands of wagers at once from multiple sources. These include call centers, internet interfaces, and mobile interfaces.

Every aspect of life has its limits. The sports betting solutions with a lower threshold will have higher prices than the ones that are more expensive. However, being more expensive does not guarantee greater capacity. Finding the right balance between cost and performance is the key to success.

It is not enough to ask how many transactions a software program can process in a minute or second. Performance is also dependent upon infrastructure, which leads us to the next item.

Test your Sports Betting Software Hardware

Servers are essential for software performance. However, Sportsbook software may process one million transactions per second, but if the servers on which it runs cannot keep up, then the software’s processing power is reduced.

It’s not enough to have sufficient server capacity to handle today’s volume. The investment needed to buy high-capacity servers is substantial. Therefore, PPH companies need to forecast the volume during the entire life expectancy of the server.

The ABCPerHead servers have five times more capacity than what they currently handle. This is remarkable when you consider that they are one of the most expensive per-head companies in the world. It also means that they process significantly more transactions than the average PPH service.


The network on which the software runs is equally important. A slow or intermittent internet connection can have a negative effect on software performance, just as bad network construction can.

The ABCPerHead data center is the new standard to be followed. Their network structure is very similar to that used by Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Apple. Every piece of equipment has full redundancy, and sometimes multiple redundancies.

They have agreements with nine internet-provider companies. This not only guarantees the software’s speed, but also guarantees up to 99.99%.

Improve your Online Sportsbook Performance

Next time you get a slow response from your current sportsbook software, ask yourself why. For the same price, I could have better service, peace of mind, and happier players if I switched to ABCPerHead.

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