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The hidden Value of Players for Bookmakers

The greatest mistake bookmakers make is underestimating the value of their players. Most focus on players who lose the most money, but this is not always the best approach.

How to optimize it

  1. High rollers are great, until they aren’t.
  2. Get your core
  3. Knowledge is everything.
  4. Keep an eye on the trends.

The secrets of being an agent show how agents should be analyzing their players. The ABC Per Head experts believe that there are ways to make a profit from each player, even those who only wager a few times per week.

High rollers players for Bookmakers are great, until they aren’t

The term “high roller” is used loosely because a small agent might be a player who wagers $300 to $500. For others, it could refer to $10,000 or more per bet.

No matter what your threshold is for deeming a player a high roller, the issue remains: agents love losing but cringe when they win. Although having a few high-rollers on your roster is great, you shouldn’t rely on them to finish the week with positive numbers. This leads us to point number 2.

Build your core

We are not referring to your abs. Instead, we mean your core customer base. These people will bet with your children, even if it is a small amount. They will also pay for your family’s vacations each year. You should pay close attention to these men and study their habits to find ways to keep them interested. This is the most overlooked secret of being an online bookie. We think it’s high time that this change happens.

All knowledge is everything

You’ve heard it before, but knowledge is the key to business success. ABC Per Head makes it our business to focus on the needs of players in order to have the best lines in the industry. As an agent, you should still pay attention to the betting patterns of players for bookmakers.

Understanding players for bookmakers will help you build long-lasting business relationships. This will increase the player’s lifetime value and extend their life expectancy.

Look at the Players for Bookmakers trends

This is just one example of the many resources provided by ABC Per Head to all its agents at no additional charge. Trends are real in sports betting online. They go beyond a team’s winning streaks. It also includes a player’s streaks. And, most importantly, they include industry trends. ABC Per Head has been at the forefront of innovation. Realized the enormous potential of live sports betting before it became a craze. We searched for ways to include it first, and we continue to improve it every year.

Agents are in an advantageous position. They can interact with their players and ask them questions about products. This feedback allows us to stay ahead of the game and innovate faster together.

ABCPerHead gives its agents the best value, so what are you waiting for to find your players? Switch to ABCPerHead now.

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